Previously, the pharmacy sold simple drugs, nutritional supplements, and health related products, but now the pharmacy has the capacity of a mini-health screening center that provides medical check up services.

Pharmacy health screening gives walk-in customers a chance to get information about their health that they may not have otherwise known about.

But if you’re a pharmacist, how can you ensure that these walk-ins can engage further after receiving your health screening services?  

Pharmacist engage with customers

Why is pharmacy health screening a great way to engage with your customers?

It’s easy to assume that if someone is walking into your store, they want something from you. But wouldn’t it be great if they wanted to take part in one of your health screenings and learn more about how your pharmacy might able to help them track their health goals’ progress?

Health screenings give pharmacy staffs an opportunity to get information about the customers health and their families. This further conversation generated in this high-quality health screening may lead to more people knowing about the pharmacy presence in this community.

Pharmacists can assist them in making informed decisions about their health based on this info. This is where BIA devices comes in.

Pharmacy Health Screening

Why BIA device plays a main role in health screening?

A BIA device is a tool that will help you monitor your health, but it’s not just for gym rats.

If customers are looking to improve their diet or lose fat, pharmacies are the perfect place to engage these walk-in customers with body composition test using BIA device.

BIA device can be used as part of a health screening program that measure their body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone density and water content.

The results of BIA device tests can helps you to give better awareness about their current health risks and what should they do next with product and services in your pharmacy.

By offering test using BIA device at your pharmacy, you’ll be able to create an environment where people feel safe going in for screenings without being pressured into buying supplements or vitamins from your store.

Pharmacy staff could engages with customers by asking questions about their lives and their families in order to learn more about what matters most to them. This allows the pharmacy to offer products and services that meet those needs more effectively than ever before.

Furthermore, customers may feel as if they are making an informed decision about their health and well-being, which will lead them back again when they are ready for another check up!

InBody in Pharmacy Health Screening

Here are some reasons why InBody provides your customers better experience:

  1. It is non-invasive and can be performed safely on children, elderly and pregnant women.
  2. It is easy to use for both the customers and the pharmacy staffs.
  3. It provides information to clients in printed result sheets in 15 seconds and sends the information to your customers’ mobile apps swiftly. 

Moreover, the InBody tests could be an essential part of any pharmacy or pharmacy chain that wants to increase customer engagement and loyalty.  By reminding clients about how frequently the test is required for them, they would be more encouraged to visit the pharmacy again to evaluate their progress.

With the updated LookinBody Web connected with InBody device, it is designed to make it easy to maintain detailed records of your clients. You can integrate all your client information from multiple branches, and your customers & staff can check and update their data anywhere.

Applying InBody test as a customer engagement tool will help your pharmacy stand out above the competition by providing customers with a service they want and need.

Contact us so you can learn more about the InBody device and how it can benefit your pharmacy business!

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