Give your employees the motivation to lead a healthier lifestyle

Prevention is the key

Corporate health care expenditures are mainly focused on the treatment of diseases resulting from an unhealthy lifestyle.

… the chronically ill, who suffer from costly conditions like advanced diabetes, heart conditions …. consume at least 50% of a company’s claims expense

Harvard Business Reviews

Real-time data for real-life value

Get a full body composition analysis in less than 60 seconds.

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More than 1,500 employees in the United States have completed a corporate wellness program called the InBody Challenge.
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Which InBody is right for you?

Blood Pressure Monitor

The BPBIO 750 is a stand-alone blood pressure monitor that integrates with your InBody unit to provide biometric and body composition results for your clients.

Height Measurement

Use the BSM 170 stadiometer to find the exact height of the user. This information is needed for accurate body composition testing.

Voice Guidance System

Users can test with or and without a trained professional. The InBody 570 provides step-by-step instructions for a user to see and hear.

Hand Electrodes

Grab the hand electrodes and stand up straight. Place thumbs on the top of the oval electrodes and wrap fingers around the handle. Extend arms downwards and away from the torso, as shown on the InBody 570’s screen.

Feet Electrodes

Align heels with the rear, round electrodes and point toes forward so the feet align with the sole electrodes. Do not move until the unit provides new directions.


The InBody Result Sheet will automatically print once the 45-second InBody 570 test is complete. Use Lookin’Body Web to upload all InBody Tests to a computer for efficient data management.

LookinBody Web Management

Manage all of your employees InBody data from any computer anytime, anywhere. Employees can also monitor their own result through InBody APP.