Well Pharmacy‘s vision is to become the most trusted local pharmacy in the heart of every community they serve, and they are committed to be a center for disease prevention through elevating their health screening services.

Therefore, in addition to offering conventional health screening tests such as blood pressure tests, blood glucose tests, and cholesterol tests, Well Pharmacy is elevating their health screening services through the adoption of InBody technology. Being the first pharmacy in Malaysia to integrate InBody, Well Pharmacy has shattered traditional perceptions of what a pharmacy entails. No longer confined to merely dispensing prescription drugs, Well Pharmacy has emerged as a disease prevention and monitoring center, dedicated to helping individuals better understand their health conditions.

In this blog post, we will delve into the comprehensive use of InBody in Well Pharmacy and how InBody helped them to better understand their community’s health conditions.

Well Pharmacy

Beyond Conventional Health Screening Tests: Introducing Body Composition Analysis

At Well, they believe in the idea that prevention is better than cure. Recognizing the importance of early disease risk identification, they set out to find a tool that aligns with their proactive approach. Delightedly, they decided to integrate InBody, a body composition analyzer that can precisely measure body composition into their health screening services.

While they have always provided conventional health screening tests like blood pressure test, blood glucose test, and cholesterol test, the addition of body composition analysis took their health screening services to the next level. It offers health insights beyond what conventional tests can provide, giving individuals a more holistic understanding of their health conditions.

Pharmacist introducing InBody test

Data-Driven Body Composition Data for Assessing Underlying Health Risks

According to Qian Ping, a pharmacist at Well Pharmacy, by assessing InBody parameters related to body fat such as Percent Body Fat (PBF) and Visceral Fat Level, it helps to identify obesity problems and assess risks of obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. Furthermore, Qian Ping also highlighted the usefulness of muscle related InBody parameters such as Skeletal Muscle Mass (SMM) and Segmental Lean Analysis in assessing muscle mass and identifying potential muscle imbalances.

And that’s not all as Qian Ping also emphasized the practicality of Skeletal Muscle Mass Index (SMI) to screen for risks of sarcopenia, an age-related condition characterized by the decline in skeletal muscle mass and strength. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that sarcopenia risks can transcend age boundaries and affect younger individuals with low muscle mass, sedentary lifestyles, or specific medical conditions. Recognizing the importance of early detection, Qian Ping is utilizing SMI as a proactive tool to identify individuals at risk of sarcopenia early on in order to provide them with appropriate interventions to prevent further muscle loss.

InBody Body Composition Result Sheet

Child’s Health Matters: Introducing the InBody Children Result Sheet

Child doing InBody test in a pharmacy

At Well, they understand the utmost importance of your child’s health. That is why they are utilizing the InBody Children Result Sheet to delve into your child’s body composition. By assessing and monitoring a child’s body fat early on, they can take proactive steps to address childhood obesity and prevent its associated risks such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, asthma and other obesity-related diseases.

In addition to assessing body fat, they also using the growth graphs from the InBody Children Result Sheet to track your child’s growth and development. By comparing your child’s height and weight to peers of the same age and gender, they ensure that your child’s growth and development fall within the normal range. By closely monitoring these parameters, they can provide reassurance and early intervention if necessary, ensuring that your child is growing up healthy.


Raising Health Awareness through Personalized Consultations and Nutritional Guidance

During the personalized consultations, they will take the time to understand their customers’ dietary habits, lifestyle habits and health goals. With this information, they will carefully evaluate their customers’ nutrition needs, educate them with health advice and suggest them the right supplements to help them achieve their health goals.

Pharmacist providing nutrition consultation

Benefits of Incorporating InBody in Pharmacy

  • Early Detection of Health Risks: InBody body composition analysis can detect early signs of health risks such as obesity, sarcopenia, muscle imbalances, and nutrition deficiencies. By identifying these risks early, pharmacists can initiate preventive measures or refer customers to healthcare providers for further evaluation and intervention, potentially preventing more serious health issues down the line.
  • Personalized Health Interventions: With insights from InBody body composition analysis, pharmacists can tailor their recommendations and interventions to each individual’s specific health needs. In specific, pharmacists can provide personalized health advice based on the individual’s body composition result, addressing areas such as nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle modifications. Additionally, they can suggest the right supplements to optimize health and address any deficiencies or imbalances identified through InBody.
  • Raise Health Awareness: The detailed body composition insights provided by InBody can help raise awareness about various health metrics beyond just weight. Customers gain insights into their muscle mass, body fat percentage, visceral fat level, sarcopenia risk and more, prompting them to take proactive steps towards improving their health.
  • Increased Customer Engagement: By incorporating InBody body composition analysis, pharmacists can engage customers in meaningful discussions about their health. This creates an opportunity for pharmacists to provide personalized advice and recommendations, leading to stronger relationships and improved customer loyalty.
  • Mobile Community Health Screening: With the portability of the InBody270, pharmacists can extend their services beyond the pharmacy walls and carry out health screening events in various community settings. These events provide convenient access to InBody test for individuals who may not regularly visit a pharmacy, thereby promoting community health awareness.
  • Customer-Focused Competitive Advantage: Integrating InBody technology into the pharmacy sets it apart from competitors who may offer only conventional health screening tests. By providing a comprehensive body composition analysis, the pharmacy not only diversifies its services but also enhances its appeal to customers seeking advanced health assessment options. This differentiation can attract new customers and enhance customer retention by providing added value.


Integrating InBody body composition analysis into pharmacy services offers a transformative approach to proactive healthcare. By enabling early detection of health risks, facilitating personalized interventions, raising awareness about holistic health metrics, and fostering meaningful customer engagement, pharmacies can elevate their role as trusted healthcare partners. Through tailored recommendations and comprehensive insights provided by InBody, pharmacists empower individuals to take proactive steps towards optimizing their health and well-being. This strategic integration not only enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty but also contributes to improved community health outcomes, ultimately shaping a healthier future for all.

Watch our video to explore InBody in action at Well Pharmacy and discover how this cutting-edge tool is revolutionizing the way we think about pharmacies!

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