The premier line of award-winning BIA body composition analysers. Trusted by professionals worldwide.

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What is Body Composition?

Ever wondered what you're made of? Find out in our video about the human body and the 4 component model.

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InBody and the Immune System

Find out how you can use body composition analysis to evaluate the immune system and take individual measures for your customers/patients.

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Our valued client – GTFIT uses InBody technology
to optimize their businesses and better the communities they serve.

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How Can InBody Be Used?

Due to the excellent analysis and the fast, simple way of measuring, the InBody is used worldwide in many different sectors.






Use the InBody to make accurate diagnoses for your patients and create a targeted treatment plan.






Add extra value to your training program and turn your coaches into health experts with objective analysis.






Make the effect of your method visible by providing more insights into patient’s body composition.






Data-evidence based to help monitor recovery progress of your patients






A self-care zone that gives your employees the full health screening for healthier workplace.

Which InBody is right for you?

InBody Blog

We regularly post new articles related to, among other things, exercise, nutrition and body composition.

How to maximise athletes’ performance using BIA technology?

When most people think of nutritionists, they think of “healthy eating” and weight loss. However, the importance of sports nutrition to maximise the athlete performance is fundamentally linked to diet...

Develop Effective Dialysis Treatment with Objective Fluid Measures

The field of Nephrology focuses largely on body water and dialysis. One of the goals of dialysis is to achieve the target weight where the patient will be at the...

Can You Be Too Old for Weight Training?

“Sarcopenia” is the gradual loss of muscle mass that begins for most women after age 35. Contrary to popular belief, this decline in muscle mass and strength is not a...

Can women gain the same relative amount of muscle mass as men?

If you’re like most women, you’re curious about whether doing the same routine as the men in your CrossFit class will give you the same results. On average, baseline muscle...

Does Weightlifting Causes Women To “Look Bulky” ?

Many women believe that resistance exercise causes weight gain and a “bulky appearance.” Yes, strength training can lead to weight gain. You can almost certainly count on that. That is,...

How will walking benefit us?

What’s your step goal? If you had asked someone about 10 years ago, you might have gotten a blank stare. But with the explosion in popularity of fitness trackers and...

What Is Sarcopenia? Aging in Motion

As we age, our body composition begins to shift, physical activity tends to decrease, and this leads to a change in our body composition. Coupled with a change in diet...

Outcome-Based Wellness Program: Self-Care Zone in Workplace

In Malaysia, the rising health-related issues and problems faced by the corporate workforce currently is the ever-increasing medical cost, the increase number of critical illnesses reported, and the continuation of...

Why Men Are More Prone To Heart Disease?

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading causes of death in Malaysia. Heart disease is responsible for nearly 1 out of every 4 deaths in Malaysia.  Malaysians in their 20’s and...

Why Building Lean Mass Is Important for Everyone (even you)

People have all sorts of reasons for working out and developing Lean Body Mass.  Athletes are interested in muscle building to improve their performance on the field. Bodybuilders want muscle...

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