Printer does not print the result sheets/ Printer does not work/Printer settings.

Make sure that the USB cable is plugged in properly using the image below


Check your printer settings

If you have a HP or Brother Printer, the setting should be PCL compatible

If you have a Samsung Printer, the setting should be SPL2009 or SPL2009-600

To change your Printer Settings:



Press SETUP on your keypad

Go to option (2) PRINTER

Use the arrow keys to highlight the setting and change the settings accordingly.



Press SETUP on your InBody Keypad

Go to the PRINTER section and go to printer setup

Highlight the current setting and scroll up and down with the keypad to change it.

Press EXIT a few times on your keypad and press ENTER to save when the prompt appears.



Press SETUP on the top left hand corner

Press the PRINTER option on the menu

Go to Printer Type and change your settings.



Press the ADMINISTRATOR MENU on the bottom left corner

Press Option 9 for PRINTER on page 2 and follow the guided instructions to set up the printer.

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