The premier line of award-winning BIA body composition analysers. Trusted by professionals worldwide.

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What is Body Composition?

Ever wondered what you're made of? Find out in our video about the human body and the 4 component model.

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InBody and the Immune System

Find out how you can use body composition analysis to evaluate the immune system and take individual measures for your customers/patients.

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Our valued client – GTFIT uses InBody technology
to optimize their businesses and better the communities they serve.

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How Can InBody Be Used?

Due to the excellent analysis and the fast, simple way of measuring, the InBody is used worldwide in many different sectors.






Use the InBody to make accurate diagnoses for your patients and create a targeted treatment plan.






Add extra value to your training program and turn your coaches into health experts with objective analysis.






Make the effect of your method visible by providing more insights into patient’s body composition.






Data-evidence based to help monitor recovery progress of your patients






A self-care zone that gives your employees the full health screening for healthier workplace.

Which InBody is right for you?

InBody Blog

We regularly post new articles related to, among other things, exercise, nutrition and body composition.

Your Body and You: A Guide to Body Water

When it comes to your health, most of the focus is on body fat and muscle mass, which is important. But not to be overlooked is your body water. Water...

What You Can Do About Malnutrition?

When it comes to malnutrition, most the focus—and rightly so—is on severe malnutrition in developing countries where lack of access to food has tragic consequences. This condition can have debilitating...

How to Stop Overeating Once and For All

At dinner last night, one slice of chocolate cake somehow turned into half a cake… Today, you stuffed yourself with five buttery rolls at the office potluck. That wouldn’t have...

Is Your Dad Bod In-Style or Unhealthy?

Men have been working out to increase muscle mass for decades. Every generation comes up with new phrases that refer to this phenomenon, such as getting “ripped” or “swole” or...

How Body Fat Sabotages Your Immune System

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that no one likes being sick. What if there was something you could do to improve your health and reduce your...

Your Metabolism and Your Body Composition

You probably don’t think about your body composition when you’re thinking about your metabolism. But you should. You probably think about it in terms of speed: “My metabolism is fast”...

Are Abs Really Made in the Kitchen?

There’s an oft-used saying that “abs are made in the kitchen.” The underlying theory, for those who haven’t heard this before, is that what you eat is more important than...

What to Eat In Order to Gain Muscle

So you started working out and lowered your overall body fat. First off, congratulations should be in order! Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight  despite life’s occasional curveballs is something...

5 Ways Sitting All Day Wrecks Your Body Composition

Think about how long you sit in a day. It’s probably something you have never tracked, but on average Americans spend more than half their waking hours sitting! Between sitting...

Muscle and Its Role in Diabetes Risk

A widely-known but often misunderstood disease is steadily overtaking an increasing portion of the U.S. population. In this country, more than one-third of adults are at a high risk for...

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