These testing procedures are a general guide for all InBody units. Watch the How to Test video.

*InBody 570 results sheet shown. Results sheet outputs may differ between each model. For best results, test every 2 to 4 weeks to track your progress.

Step 1
Wipe your hands and feet with an InBody Tissue. The InBody Tissue will help enhance current conductivity.
Step 2
Step on the InBody to measure your weight. Make sure to align your feet with the foot electrodes.
Step 3
When prompted, enter your personal profile. The profile will allow you to track your progress. Confirm your personal profile then press enter to begin testing.
Step 4
Grab the handles and place your thumbs on the oval electrodes.
Step 5
Keep your arms straight and away from your body. Stay relaxed and still until the test is completed. Your InBody results will print automatically once the test is completed.