Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Uses InBody Devices to Tackle Childhood Obesity

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is ranked third in the 2016 U.S. News and World Report survey of best children’s hospitals. The 598-bed facility is also home to the Center for Better Health and Nutrition, one of the largest pediatric weight management programs in the country. They focus on addressing the health concerns of obese and overweight youth through comprehensive, family-based treatment. Patients receive tailored exercise and dietary regimens specific to their individual needs. Cincinnati Children’s is also involved in research to help advance the science of obesity prevention and treatment in youth.

Christopher Kist is an exercise physiologist at The Center for Better Health and Nutrition. He specializes in counseling children on exercise, healthy eating and making better lifestyle choices. Kist is also an expert in nutritional biochemistry, diabetology, and nutrition and dietetics.

Cincinnati Children’s and Christopher Kist are real InBody customers and were not paid to do a testimonial.


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