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Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony Between InBody Asia and DBC Physiotherapy Malaysia

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15th October 2021 – InBody Asia and DBC Physiotherapy Malaysia have announced a new collaboration agreement to foster long-term partnership to elevate the standard of health assessment for the community of DBC Physiotherapy centre.

Photo: From left – Mr. William Chung, Business Development Manager of InBody; Ms. Erica Kim, Managing Director of InBody; Mr. Nicholas Wee, Chief Executive Officer of DBC Physiotherapy Malaysia.


The agreement, in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), formalises the mutual interaction and collaboration to further enhance the screening assessment by providing quantitative, data-driven proof of improvement throughout the course of treatments and rehabilitation services.

The MoU is signed by both Ms. Erica Kim from InBody Asia Sdn Bhd and Mr. Nicholas Wee from DBC Physiotherapy Malaysia.


“In this rapid technological changes nowadays in our society and culture, people rely on measurable data to trust in their progress. As a documentation-based care company that provides evidence-based active reconditioning treatment, this MoU provides us for continued enhancing our service to help better tailor our programs and interventions more effectively. We are also in the midst of  expanding more branches with latest DBC Care concepts in the coming year of 2022. In order to standardize the assessment practice, using quantitative analysis from InBody can help us to show an additional proof of the success of our program to our patients.” Says Mr. Nicholas Wee – Chief Executive Officer of DBC Physiotherapy Malaysia.

DBC Physiotherapy and InBody have also shared the same objective in raising the awareness of cultivating healthier lifestyle, and improve patients’ quality of life even after recovering from the treatment through the vision of 4E concept which includes:

Educate – Deliver basic health education through the fundamental of body composition to the public to achieve long-term optimal health,

Effective – Provide objective measurement with data insights for more effective treatment interventions,

Engagement – Better engagement to start the conversation with patients to better understand their current lifestyle,

Economical – Provide basic health assessment at affordable price yet quality to the community.


Ms. Erica Kim, the Managing Director of InBody Asia said: “There is a real desire for both DBC Physiotherapy and InBody Asia to join up and educate the public to know their body better with precise body composition data analysis, in order to track patients’ body response to recovery and its relation to long-term health.”

With incorporating InBody test analysis in every branch of DBC Physiotherapy, walk-in quick health assessment has brought convenient to the community. DBC Physiotherapy offers “BLISS” – Balance, Lowerback , InBody Muscle-Fat Analysis, Strength Screening as a series of functional assessment protocol associated with body composition imbalances to provide a more efficient clinical treatment setting. Not only InBody is used for the assessment, visualization of progress keeps patients motivated and engaged in their treatment plan to increase rate of recovery. DBC Physiotherapy also encourage patients to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle in long run to reduce risk of other health conditions or injuries in future. Watch more about how DBC Physiotherapy Malaysia uses InBody at here.

About DBC Physiotherapy Malaysia

DBC Physiotherapy Malaysia is an outpatient physiotherapy treatment provider using evidence-based protocols and Finnish Active Reconditioning technology. Currently, they have 8 outpatient centres in Malaysia and provide active treatment solutions for physiotherapy centres, rehab hospitals and other healthcare providers. With over 20 years of experience in providing proven outcome results, DBC Malaysia has treated over 25,000 patients with 83% success rate in pain reduction & 75% in functional improvement.


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