It’s Halloween, and everyone is having a good time at their parties, gatherings, and, of course, movie night. Horror movies are typically the best option for a frightful night with your pals. When you’re still feeling guilty about the junk food you ate at the party, your buddies just remind you that it’s okay. He had heard that studies had already shown that watching horror movies can help in burning calories and lose body fat, which will eventually burn off the junk food you ate.

Is it watching horror movies can lose body fat?

Horror movie to lose body fatLet us go back to the research that your friend mentioned before. Indeed, there is a study that went viral, informing the public that watching horror movies increases calorie consumption and, even better, lowers the risk of obesity.

The study also discovered that movie jump scares are the best calorie-burners since they elevate heart rates. But, as much as we hate to break it to you, there are some things you should be aware of.

The evidence in this study is insufficient because it was conducted on a relatively small sample size (only 10 persons) and the research has not yet been peer-reviewed. In other words, the study’s findings weren’t taken seriously.

Do you burn calories from watching horror movie? 

The terrifying scenes in horror films may elevate your heart rate and cause you to burn slightly more calories than if you sat quietly. The calories burn also greatly depends on your own metabolism and body composition.

However, it cannot compensate for the amount of the calories you took from caramel glazed popcorn, boxes of pizza, and a large cup of sweetened cola. 

Is there any alternative for a sweet tooth to lose body fat?

It wasn’t a bad idea to snack because it can supplement your diet with extra vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. What matters most is your food choice. Instead of eating high-calorie foods, some healthy snacking options such as nuts, yoghurt, kale chips and fruits are recommended.

Here are some useful tips to help us build a snacking habit that is beneficial to lose body fat while watching your favorite horror movie.

Snack to lose body fat

Indulgence once in a blue moon is totally alright to enjoy with your buddies. This is due to the fact that fat is never gained overnight, as it takes time to shed.

Nevertheless, in order to ensure that your attempts to lose fat won’t be in vain, you still need to be mindful about the your food portion and choice.

However, it is still better to check your body fat on a regular basis to allow you to understand whether your current diet is sustainable and effective enough to reduce body fat percentage.

You can use the map we made with our incredible partners to find the nearest InBody location and routinely check your body fat there.

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